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Real Estate Investment - Securing tomorrow today
  • Mar 06, 2018

Real Estate Investment – Securing tomorrow today


You work hard for your money, but does your money work hard for you?

When you store your cash under your mattress (or in a bank), it will produce next to nothing. However, when you put money into an investment, your “Naira” goes to work for you.


Plain and simple: Investing is how you become wealthy.

But what is the best “job” for your Naira? How can your money earn the most and offer the least risk?

Based on research & historical data, one investment stands head and shoulders above the rest: REAL ESTATE.

There is no doubt that investing in properties is one of the most effective tools for wealth creation. Historically, a substantial proportion of the world’s wealthiest people have had real estate playing a crucial part in the accumulation of their fortune. If you desire to build financial capacity, real estate should interest you, as it could be a key part of a formidable investment portfolio.

When to Invest in Real Estate?

Real Estate is subject to timing; and there are times when it is not best to invest in real estate. However, we believe that right now might be the greatest time to buy real estate that you’ll see appreciates within the next few years.

Why invest now in Real Estate?

Property values appreciate fast.

A plot of land that valued less than 1 million Naira in Lagos 3 years ago, is selling for above 3 million Naira today.

Property rents and prices in Nigeria especially Lagos are constantly rising.

Therefore any money you put in real estate, is money well invested.


A place like Ibeju-Lekki Lagos Nigeria is a great real estate investment hub for investors right now.
It is the fastest growing region in Nigeria at the moment. Real estate properties will more than triple in appreciation within the next 2 years.
Ibeju Lekki now called the New Lagos is known to house some of the most important and prestigious landmarks in Nigeria.
Consider these few;

  • The new multi billion Naira Lekki-Epe International Airport           
  • The new Sea Port
  • Dangote Refinery
  • The Lekki Free Trade Zone
  • New Shoprite
  • Pan Atlantic University
  • 4th Mainland Bridge
  • Access to luxury resorts such as; La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Eleko beach and other beautiful Beaches.
  • Major Industries (Eleganza Industrial City, Coscharis HQ, New Computer Village and so much more).
  • Zone of prestigious estates, such as; Oakwood Garden Estate, Oakwood Park Phase 2, Legacy Gardens, Prime Gardens, Hebron County, Fountain Brooks, Mayfair Gardens and more.

    Investing in lands in this part of the world – Ibeju Lekki Lagos will guarantee you bumper returns on your investment in the next few years.


    The Good News

    The construction of all these multi-billion projects that would turn Ibeju Lekki to a mega city are still in progress. This means lands are currently cheap and affordable. Now is the best time to acquire your dream land and invest in the commercial hub of Lagos.


    The Bad News.

    Soon these projects will be completed; the value of real estate properties in this area will skyrocket beyond your imagination. You can only wish you had invested in this area few years ago.


    The Myth: Real Estate Investment is costly, how can I invest in it?

    If you thought you couldn’t play in the property market because of the high cost of real estate, you’re probably wrong because people in similar conditions as you currently have found ways to deal in property.

    Here, we provide resources to guide you through a process of translating your dreams to reality in real estate investment and property ownership.

    We do not only provide affordable estates, we also offer monthly payment plans to enable low income earners  actualize their dream of land ownership or delve into real estate investment.

    Why not contact us today to discuss how you can invest in a piece of land in Ibeju Lekki or other locations (with good potentials) through a reputable real estate company that offers you a genuine plot in a gated & secured estate for a monthly payment plan that meets your budget?

    Kindly direct all inquiries, site inspection request to | Whatsapp – 08161686883 | Int’l Office – +1 575 222 5936.



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