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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Nigeria
How to earn a living in Nigeria as a PWAN Homes Real Estate Consultant.


Discover the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY in Real Estate Business


Become a PWAN Homes Consultant and Earn Big


Welcome to Peak Land & Homes Real Estate Business Opportunity section.


We are Real Estate Consultants and Partners of PWAN Homes Ltd


This section is aimed to help you to become a successful Real Estate professional. We do not only sell real estate products, we also make Real Estate Millionaires.


Please read carefully and thoroughly, we are strongly confident that this information will impact you greatly and open the door of financial success for you.


pwan homes consultants
PWAN Homes Real Estate Consultants


Become a PWAN Homes Consultant and Earn Big


  • Are you looking for a business to delve into? Are you in search for job?

  • Do you aspire to improve and stabilize your financial health in few months to come?

  • How about making good money from anywhere you are in the world? You tap your fingers and a flood of cash hits your bank account! Yes it is impossible. And it is happening already.

    This method we are offering to you is a great eye opener to how wealth is made.

    We are talking about the highest secured form of investment in the world where you have nothing to risk. All you have to do is show your deep interest to be wealthy, work smartly and  earn the millions.


    A client told me in a truncated joy that he just made 40 million Naira within his first 8 months of doing business with us and he was quite surprised that I wasn’t moved.

    Could he have thought that I was not happy about it? No! It’s actually because he could have done better. If he had tried to make 40 million Naira, why couldn’t he have tried to make 80 million Naira as I have seen clients who approached the business the way they have been coached?


    Many graduates are really drinking from the cup of wealth right now, nothing disqualifies you as well. As long as you have deep interest to be wealthy.


    pwan homes consultant

    How can I drink from this cup of wealth? 

    Simple. By working with us.
    You can make over N600, 000 every month by working with us as an Independent Business Development Executive  (IBDE) or Consultant of our Real Estate products. Yes it is very true!
    Every time you sell a plot of land,you will make “N931,500” “N120,000” or more instantly depending on the number of plots you sell. If you sell ten plots, you will make “N9,315,000” and even more depending on the property sold.

    How will I be able to sell these plots of land?


  • You will be our licensed Partner / Consultant (ID & Partnership Card will be issued to you).

  • You will have free access to Training, Seminars, Workshops,  and several personal development products like books, CD/DVDs, Manuals etc.

  • You will be given letters of introduction from the company that will make it easy for you to work as an Independent Business Development Executive (IBDE) and you will also get other tools you need to function effectively.

  • As a beginner, if you encounter any challenge in executing a sales project, you are in midst of professionals that will step in to support you. (You will be added to our active Whatsapp Group to be carried along).

  • We hold a free SUCCESS SUMMIT on the 12th Day of every month where we feature different speakers speaking on one of 12 pillars of success. The Venues will be communicated to you when you become an IBDE.

    pwan homes consultant training session
    pwan homes consultant training session

    What more are My Benefits in this business?


  • As a registered Consultant or Partner to PWAN Homes, you will be entitled to 20% (-5% vat) on every product sold to your client. Keep it all, it is your earning.

  • Your partnership makes you a member of the PWAN HOMES Property Access Club (PHPAC)  where you will qualify for all entitlements, including:
  • Brand new cars, mini laptop and other gifts also as benefits

  • For every ten plots you sell, you will get a land for free.

  • You can even qualify for an all-expense-paid travel trip abroad

  • You have opportunity to visit several parts of Nigeria, Africa and beyond.

  • You are qualified to receive performance bonus.

    This year, over 60 IBDEs and Consultants qualified for holiday abroad all-expense paid. Etc.

    pwan homes real estate consultants
    PWAN Homes Real Estate Consultants on sponsored vacation – Dubai




    Join over 600 young millionaires that are into Real Estate Business. Just in 2 months and above – you too can blaze the trail and start telling story of how you became a millionaire.


    pwan homes partner benefits
    PWAN Homes Partner Gift Presentation




  • You don’t need any special experience or qualification, you will be trained on MARKETING STRATEGIES, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP through the training / seminars / workshops we hold.

  • Registration: You need to register so that your sales can be tracked back to you for you compensation / commission to be effected.

  • Full Partnership registration is N37, 650 only.

    Note: Endeavor to come to our office for inspection of these properties. Inspection is free of charge. Inspection holds Monday to Saturday, 10am, 12noon, 2pm and 4pm and our Logistics Department would take you to these Estates for you to see where the money will come from.


    As an IBDE, you should be able to work with little or no supervision from where ever you are and you report to you and you alone.
    We want as many people as possible to be able to start something through which they can earn reasonable income with minimal stress and also acquire properties over time.




    pwan homes consultants
    PWAN Homes Partners Benefits are numerous


    Please do not hesitate to contact us for clarifications – | Whatsapp: 08161686883 | Int’l Office: +1 575 222 5936


    Why not contact us today to attend one of our Business meetings and mingle with top real estate professionals in Nigeria.




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