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“…making property ownership dream in Nigeria a reality for all”


Peak Land & Homes is a leading real estate marketing and consulting firm in Nigeria.


We aim to provide trusted real estate consultancy services to help every individual or firm who understands and appreciate the value of land to be able to achieve their dreams of land and home ownership without the risk of being defrauded or involved in a complicated transaction process.


We partner and work directly with legitimate property owners who have “sales-ready” properties to offer.


We are constantly researching the real estate market in Nigeria and will provide up to date information that would help facilitate you to acquire your dream land in Nigeria in the most genuine and affordable way.


Our professional services and partnership with the best real estate companies offers our customers the advantage of receiving information and alerts about ongoing best deals with huge discounts and flexible payment plans. We also offer advice on the right locations to buy land for a high return of investment and what to look for when buying a property.


Our services are tailored to cater for the needs of Nigerians; home and abroad, corporate organizations and foreigners seeking to procure land or properties in Nigeria. We are physically present and reachable in Nigeria and in the United States.


We are making excellent use of modern technologies to remain in close and easy touch with all our customers from all locations around the world. Our online communication channels (website, skype, whatsapp, social networks, youtube, emails, phone etc) help us provide vital information and answer every question required by our customers in distant locations to make sound decisions before making arrangement for physical inspection.


We have a standard and integrity to maintain, we therefore partner with only trusted and vetted real estate companies who have quality products in locations with good potentials.  All properties acquired from our partnered real estate companies are guaranteed for genuineness and you are sure to receive verified deeds and titles that prove your legal ownership of the property you purchased.


When you choose us, you chose to stay safe


We are always ready and committed to answering all your questions and to discuss your needs towards actualizing your dreams of genuine property ownership and investment in Nigeria.


Why not visit our Properties page to see our amazing products or contact us today to discuss a monthly payment plan that meets your budget?

Kyle Josephs Eyeye
PWAN Group Real Estate Consultant
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